Newcomb Financial Advisors, LLC
Registered Investment Advisor

Financial Planning and Investment Management

Newcomb Financial Advisors, LLC


Newcomb Financial Advisors, LLC provides the following services:


·         Development of Financial Goals

·         Investment Management

·         Retirement Planning

·         Education Planning

·         Insurance Analysis and Risk Management

·         Consulting on Specific Financial Issues

The initial session is a complimentary, get acquainted meeting.  You need to understand how I operate and why my approach will deliver value to you.  I need to become familiar with your expectations so that a quote for the cost of services can be developed.

Clients often start with financial planning and then retain me for investment management.  This supports the planning work and integrates your values, goals and risk tolerance with your investment account.  There is no obligation to use investment management services if I develop a financial plan for you.

My role is to provide financial advice and services that create value for you.

Financial Planning

Newcomb Financial Advisors, LLC uses a six-step process to complete your comprehensive financial plan.
Six-step process details.

Investment Management


The primary investment strategy used on client accounts is strategic asset allocation utilizing a core and satellite approach.  This means that I use passively-managed index and exchange-traded funds as the core investments, and then add actively-managed funds where there are greater opportunities to make a difference.  Portfolios are globally diversified to control the risk associated with traditional markets.

Newcomb Financial Advisors, LLC develops your recommended stock and bond allocation, researches and selects investments consistent with your allocation, implements your plan, and maintains your portfolio through rebalancing and cash management.  Investment management services are provided within the scope of a customized Investment Policy Statement.



The fee for a financial plan is predicated upon the facts known at the start of the engagement.  Many financial planning projects fall within a range of $1,200 to $2,000.  Fee details. 

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